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Tom Boyd declares for Eagle County Commissioner

July 28, 2023

Lifelong local, communications expert, ready to further attainable housing, land use solutions, and prioritize equity and inclusivity, alongside the community that raised him

Edwards, Colo., July 28, 2023 — Colorado-native Tom Boyd was raised in West Vail, and remembers an early life filled with family trips into the wilderness, kayaking, junior hockey and soccer, a wide range of cultural and artistic events, and an emphasis on quality education.

“I was fortunate to grow up in a community where everyone around me lent a hand, volunteered, and willingly contributed to every aspect of life in our valley with a ‘can-do’ spirit that was unrivaled,” says Boyd. “This is the mentality that has always inspired me to take action to contribute to this exceptional community in whatever way possible.”

At age 47 and after decades of developing expertise in community leadership, Boyd is ready to elevate his desire to give back with his announcement to seek the District 2 seat on the Board of County Commissioners, currently held by Kathy Chandler-Henry who has said she will not seek re-election in 2024.

A graduate of Vail Mountain School in 1993, upon graduation from the University of Colorado, Boyd returned to the Eagle River Valley and immediately began a career of weighing in on the key issues that shaped the community around him as a journalist, newspaper editor, columnist, and non-profit board member. Boyd now lives in Edwards with his wife, Renee, and two sons, Tyler, 11, and Alex, 9. He currently serves as director of public relations and communications at the nonprofit Vail Valley Foundation and has been in that role since 2015.

“I was witness to my parents’ passion for the outdoors and for working hard to maintain home ownership, quality schools, library systems, respect for the environment and community sustainability,” says Boyd. “My career in Vail has taken me on a listening and storytelling path; I want to work alongside fellow leadership to continue to enhance opportunities in these areas for all.”

Beyond his time as a journalist and media specialist, Boyd has served as a coach, a volunteer, an outdoor ice rink builder, a board member, a spokesperson, and a strategist.

“I have learned so much from the steady and smart leadership by Kathy Chandler-Henry for more than a decade; the current livelihoods and future of Eagle County are better off because of her excellent work – especially in the challenging areas of water conservation, transportation, equity, and housing,” says Boyd. “Eagle County will continue to need evenhanded leadership, and thoughtful decision-making as we face key issues that are at the forefront of our community right now. I look forward to ongoing conversations with voters and what they would like to see out of their next commissioner.”

Because, Boyd says, “There is no question that to ensure the stability and success of our strong local economy – delivering on equity in so many ways, including small business development, much more attainable housing, early childhood development facilities, behavioral health services – must be top of mind. Just as challenging and just as important, I am deeply committed to supporting preservation of our natural environment, working alongside key partners and organizations on responsible land use and water management.”

Wendy Rimel, also a lifelong local who currently lives in Edwards, will serve as Boyd’s campaign manager. Rimel identified Boyd’s ability to build partnerships.

“The County has an important leadership role bringing together all residents of Eagle County, educators, emergency service providers, businesses, nonprofits, and fellow elected municipal leaders and appointed officials,” she explained. “I’ve always known Tom to believe that solutions must be equitable and must apply to everyone, no matter their race, culture, sexual preference, or place of origin. Tom will work well alongside his fellow commissioners and staff as they tackle all of our important issues and priorities together.”

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About Tom Boyd:

Tom Boyd was born at Rose General Memorial Hospital in Denver in 1975 to Susan and Steve Boyd, residents of West Vail (like many mothers, Susan opted to have her children at the nearest Denver hospital). He attended Vail Mountain School and Minturn Middle School and graduated from Vail Mountain School in 1993. He worked construction for his father from age 14 through college, and after pursuing a philosophy degree from CU Boulder, Tom embarked on a career in journalism, becoming editor of the Vail Trail and writing for the Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, 5280, Ski, Skiing, and other publications. His interviews with public officials sparked his first interest in pursuing a career in local government. In 2012 he helped create Community Builders, a nonprofit that supports diverse economies in small towns throughout the Mountain West, where he eventually became Chair of the Board of Directors. Boyd is also Chair of the Eagle County Citizen Panel on Marketing, and served as Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Eagle River Watershed Council. He was part of the executive committee that wrote the Eagle County Climate Action Plan, and served on the Wildlife Roundtable committee as well as the Regional Transit Authority advisory committee. He was Mountain Recreation’s Volunteer of the Year in 2021, and he has coached youth hockey and soccer since 2018. His father, Steve “Louie” Boyd, was a ski patrolman in Vail in the 60s and then a local builder. He passed away in 2018. His mother Susan retired as Director of the Vail Public Library in 2007 and lives in Eagle, as does his brother Steve. His sister Caitlin lives in Edwards. Tom and his wife, Renee, live with their two sons in Singletree in Edwards.

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