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about tom

Tom Boyd is a dedicated father, husband, and hockey coach. He volunteers his time building ice rinks and serving as the Chair of the Board of Community Builders and the Lodging Tax Marketing Committee. He has also been the Vice President of the Eagle River Coalition and has a long history of service to various boards and nonprofits. Currently, Tom contributes to the Vail Valley Foundation, supporting its vital work in the community.

Tom is committed to serving Eagle County with his energy and work ethic. He intends to approach the role of Commissioner as a full-time responsibility, dedicated to the needs of the community now and in the future.

tom's Story

Tom Boyd, a graduate of Vail Mountain School and the University of Colorado, returned to the Eagle River Valley in his 20s. He began his career in journalism, balancing construction work in the mornings with writing for the local paper in the afternoons and evenings. His dedication led him to become the editor of the Vail Trail and write for various publications in the Rockies, such as the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post, covering topics like land development, politics, water, sports, and the outdoors.

In 2006, Tom had the opportunity to work as a venue press specialist at the Torino Olympics, marking the beginning of his involvement in international events.

“I have been fortunate to work and travel throughout the world,” Boyd says, “So I can say with confidence that this is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with the best people, and certainly ideal for raising a family. I look forward to helping preserve the things that we love about this place while also ensuring that there is a path for hard-working people and families to maintain a home here.”

Tom has always been an active member of the Eagle County community. He has served as Chair of the Eagle County Lodging Tax Marketing Committee, Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Eagle River Coalition, and on the Executive Team that helped draft the Eagle County Climate Action Plan. He also contributed to the Eagle County Wildlife Roundtable and more.

Tom led the effort to build an outdoor ice rink in Edwards and continues to volunteer as the Lead Volunteer. Additionally, he has been coaching youth hockey and soccer for over 20 years.

Experience Building Great Communities

In 2012, Tom helped establish Community Builders, an organization dedicated to improving towns and counties throughout the Rocky Mountain West by addressing challenges similar to those in Eagle County. Community Builders is known for its holistic approach to community development, focusing on public outreach, affordable housing, zoning, transportation, land use, and more.

The organization emphasizes listening to community members to discover shared values, strengthen leadership, and build partnerships. This approach helps communities find common ground and a clear path forward. You can learn more about Community Builders in a recent New York Times article.

After working with Community Builders for several years, Tom joined the Board of Directors and now serves as Chair. He plans to bring the same "listen first" approach to Eagle County.

At Home in Our Mountains

Tom was born and raised in West Vail. His father, Steve “Louie” Boyd, was a ski patrolman at Aspen Highlands before moving to Vail in its early years. Steve was also a carpenter and general contractor, building many of Vail’s first homes. Tom’s mother, Susan, was the Director of the Vail Public Library. His brother Steve and sister Cait live in Eagle County with their families.

Much has changed in this Valley over the course of Tom’s lifetime. Roads that were once dirt have been paved, and the community has grown to become known worldwide for its beauty, recreation economy, wildlife, and welcoming people. 

“Dad used to say, ‘Change is the only constant,’ and we’ve seen that here in the Eagle and Roaring Fork Valleys as much as anywhere,” Tom says. “If we want a bright future for our County, the most important thing we can do is build consensus and be clear about the kind of future we want to see, and support initiatives and partnerships that support those who live, work, or visit here.”

Tom now lives in Edwards with his wife, Renee, and their two sons, Tyler (12) and Alex (10). They love being part of the wonderful Eagle County community and cherish the beautiful Vail Valley environment.

Tom currently serves in a leadership position at the nonprofit Vail Valley Foundation. In this role, he has helped strengthen public-private partnerships and shape public policy for the organization. As a media specialist for the VVF, Tom’s job is to clearly communicate complicated issues; an important skill for County Commissioners. 

Tom looks forward to bringing his decades of experience and strong relationships throughout the County to the role of Eagle County Commissioner. 

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