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These Former County Commissioners All Endorse Tom Boyd for County Commissioner:

“I’m grateful for the time, input, and support I’ve received from Sara, Peter, and Don. Their significant service to our County is commendable and inspiring.” – Tom Boyd.


Thank you for contributing to our campaign

Paul Abling

Miranda Bailey

Michael Byram

Cait Boyd

Travis Coggin

Amy Coyer

Steve Coyer

Nicholas Dooher

Harry Frampton

Matt Frampton

Margie Gart

Michelle & Matt Gennett

Jeb Gottlieb

Murph Gottlieb

Jamie Harrison

Joy Harrison

Peter Hart

James Hawkins

Christie Hochtl

Johnny Johnston

Mike Johnston

Matt Kosusko

Michelle Maloney

Anthony Mauro

Charles McAdam

Richard Nelson

Chris Nueswanger

Todd Pierce

Brent Rimel

Lee Rimel

Wendy Rimel

Sarah Rose

Jillian Ryan

Rodney Slifer

Ann Smead

Ruth & Loy VanVleet

Bob Warner

Don Welch

Dave Williams

Kristin Kenney Williams

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