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Tom Boyd for Eagle County Commissioner 2024. Click the video to play.

Vote for Tom Boyd

for eagle county commissioner

Tom is a visionary leader with decades of county experience. He is committed to attainable housing, wise land use, childcare, transportation, wildlife preservation, water, the environment, climate, youth, and building partnerships for a thriving community.

Help elect tom

lifelong local, lasting solutions

As your next County Commissioner, I will show up for you on these
important issues. In this community, so many of you have shown up to support what my campaign stands for. Great communities are made by those who show up – so I thank you for your vote this June!

S - Stimulate an active and diverse economy that serves all people, all cultures, and backgrounds, ensuring success for our vibrant and colorful community. 
H - Housing and childcare go hand in hand; partnering with local nonprofits and Eagle County Government to provide housing for our critical educators, support teacher pay, and create more quality and affordable childcare options.
O - Operate an efficient and responsive Eagle County Government that serves its people at a high level of excellence and finds ways to partner with our municipalities and local leaders.
WWater, climate, and the environment are our future, so we must focus on water conservation and help our healthy watersheds thrive, support the Climate Action Collaborative's goals for 2050, and protect wildlife habitat and the natural beauty of the mountains that are the reason we are all here in the first place. 

U - Unify our local and regional governments with private and non-profit entities to build coalitions and solutions to our community's most significant challenges. 
P - Partnership is the answer: Our County Commissioners must facilitate private-public partnerships at the local, regional, state, and national levels to ensure our vision of a bright future for Eagle County becomes a reality.

Tom is a visionary leader with a strong platform. He is committed to making Eagle County a better place to live through affordable housing, protecting the environment and wildlife, stewarding our water, improving childcare and opportunities for youth, and fostering partnerships for a thriving community.


Meet the AMAZING Women


As a candidate for Eagle County Commissioner, I am incredibly proud to be supported by a campaign team led by talented, dedicated women. Their insights and leadership have been invaluable in shaping my platform to better address the issues that matter most to women and families in our community.

I believe in a future where women’s voices are not only heard but are instrumental in driving change. With your vote, we can continue to advocate for equality, support women’s rights, and create opportunities for all.

Join us in making Eagle County a place where everyone thrives. Vote for progress, vote for equality, and vote for a candidate who values and champions women.

Together, we can achieve great things.

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the Committee to Elect Tom Boyd Eagle County

Get in touch with our team to learn more about Tom Boyd’s campaign for Eagle County Commissioner.

Schedule a 1-on-1 call with Tom Boyd and ask him the questions on your mind as you prepare to vote in the District 2 Eagle County Commissioner race.

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